Fashion Feature : Tasnim Baghdadi

Ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs, Achtung, Achtung!!!

Do I have your attention now?! I really hope so, because this is a person you don’t want to miss. Let me please introduce you to a true artist, fashion blogger and a truly inspirational person: Tasnim Baghdadi!

Tasnim is a self-taught digital Illustrator, photographer and graphic designer based in Germany. You can find her artwork and “digital home”, as she likes to call it, on Through her artwork she digests her experiences of growing up with a Moroccan background in Germany, living between two cultures, dealing with prejudices, finding the own identity and giving those a voice who had been unheard.

Another thing I love about Tasnim is that she sees life as its own proper artwork already. She carries her passion for art through every aspect of her life. One of it is fashion. On she hosts her own fashion platform, where she creates magnificent styles.

In this quick interview you’ll find out more about Tasnim’s fashion philosophy:

MadVoyage: How would you describe your own style?

Tasnim: I would describe my own style as eclectic and experimental in a sense. I love mixing different style elements to create vibrant looks, but I also enjoy pure and organic colours, simple shapes and materials.

MadVoyage: How would you describe your fashion philosophy in three words?

Tasnim: expressional – experimental – extrovert

MadVoyage: Where do you get your own fashion inspiration from?

Tasnim: My fashion inspiration derives from many different genres, styles and is also linked to my own personality and interests for art, music and pop culture in general. I find inspiration in ethnic, traditional clothing from North Africa and the Middle East, African and Asian patterns and colours as well as from vintage fashion from the Eras 20s – 50s. I also love Vivienne Westwood´s rock chic and the elegant but still rebellious designs by Valentino. 

MadVoyage: What is your ultimate fashion advice?

Tasnim: Dare to try new things. I used to be afraid of trying out new styles, being insecure with myself. When I started to experiment, I finally found my passion for fashion and more self-confidence towards fashion. Sometimes we dress in “what we already know” missing what is possible and out there waiting for you to discover it!

What Tasnim is wearing on the pictures:

Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: ZARA // Dress: Moroccan Bazar //Jacket: Second hand Levis jacket // Glasses: Esprit //Earrings: Sixx // Ninjas: MyHijab


xo, MadVoyage

© images taken by PhotoPassion by Minu Ab

© editing by MadVoyage

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