Hi, I’m Nadia, founder of MadVoyage. Passionate traveler, environmentalist and dedicated to make a sustainable lifestyle change.

Traveling around the world I was amazed by its beauty. However, studying human rights and environmental law, I was aware of the big problems the world is facing.  Despite my legal background, I felt unsure what I, as a single person,  could do about it in my personal life. But this is actually the key question: What can I, what can we do about it?

I consider myself as a global citizen. I believe that we’re all interconnected, we’re all global citizens that can unite in making a difference. We have the power as consumers to choose and decide what we’re supporting. We actually have the power to change the status quo.

So let’s bring sustainability into our life. Let’s make “Think Global, Act Local” happen for the environment!

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xo, MadVoyage

(Environmental Lawyer // German-Moroccan// Based in Switzerland)

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