Ich weiß nicht wie es bei dir ist, aber wenn ich auf Reisen gehe, tendiere ich dazu immer ein bisschen mehr als wirklich nötig einzupacken. Hey, zu meiner Verteidigung: „Schließlich weiß man doch nie, ob man nicht doch in ein schickes Restaurant geht oder –wie bei mir viel wahrscheinlicher- man sich einsaut, weil man nach einer langen Erkundungstour sich zu sehr auf die Kugel Eis oder das Mittagessen freut, das man dann genüsslich hinunterschlingt, oder?!“ Read more “Mit FUNKTION SCHNITT um die Welt”

15 Reasons to love Bern

As you might know by now, I’m absolutely obsessed with traveling. I love the whole experience about it: getting to know new places, new cultures, new people. Unfortunately, like everything that we do and consume, traveling around the globe has an impact on the environment and can further climate change.

In my last post I mentioned already climate change. It is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Read more “15 Reasons to love Bern”

My London Adventure

London, oh London, home of many nationalities, exquisite food from all over the world, ultimative street style (check People of London) and lovely architecture.

Well, at least this is how I see London. London is so vast and has so many things to offer that I feel like, there is no ultimate guide to London. I feel like literally everybody can find his own niche in London. But at the same time it’s changing and evolving so fast so that it seems as if there is no possible way of knowing all of London. But that makes it so fascinating! Read more “My London Adventure”

My top 5 things to do in Budapest

1. On top of Budapest

Some people might say, Budapest looks the most beautiful from the top. And yes indeed, the city offers so many viewpoints from where you can enjoy the spectacular view over the city. I went to the Fisherman’s bastion. Despite the amazing building and the glimpse of history you get at the Fisherman’s bastion, you get to see just on the other side of the Danube the majestic parliament. From the chain bridge you get to see an incredible view, too. Read more “My top 5 things to do in Budapest”

Long lost love – From Nyon to Yvoire

This week I was crossing borders and it was all to see my long lost “amour” again…

It all started in 2011, when we first met. It was a magical moment. As cliche it may sound, but it was really love at first sight. I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was a moment of truth and enlightenment for me. In that moment I knew, that all I needed to be happy and content was laying right in front of me. And looking back at the year we spent together, I am happy to say that I spent one of my best years with “mon amour”. Read more “Long lost love – From Nyon to Yvoire”

Neuchâtel // Neuenburg

Auf meiner endlosen Reise bin ich mal wieder in der Schweiz gelandet. Viele meinen oft: ” Schweiz..mhh…langweilig.. nichts Besonderes.” Die Schweiz scheint unscheinbar. Das einzige was man oft mit ihr assoziiert sind Käse, Uhren und Schokolade. Und so muss auch ich oft schmunzeln, wenn ich an einem schweizer Flughafen ankomme, mich nach einer Uhr umschaue und die Wanduhren von Rolex sind. Read more “Neuchâtel // Neuenburg”