People of Berlin

Last month I’ve visited Berlin again. I have to admit, when I’ve visited Berlin the first time a couple of years ago, it was not love at first sight. The city is big, rough, dirty  and you can easily loose your body and soul. But each time I went there, my love for the city grew. Read more “People of Berlin”

People of London

Oh my beloved London! A couple of weeks ago I went to see this vibrant an colourful city. And oh yes London, you didn’t disappoint me. To me it is the most cosmopolitain city with extremly fashionable people. Here are the pictures I took during my strolls through Camden, Shoreditch and Brik Lane. Read more “People of London”

People of Hamburg

This month I went to see Hamburg! I discovered one of my new favorite cities in Germany! The sea, the harbor, the beautiful people. It’s just so energetic that it keeps me so excited! I tried to capture the Hamburg vibe through the people’s fashion sense. But it is not only about the fashion. I want you to see the people behind it: Meet the people of Hamburg! Read more “People of Hamburg”

People of Cologne

A couple of weeks ago I went to Germany to visit my family. While enjoying time with family and friends, I decided to show you the street style of one of my favorite cities in Germany: the vibrant and inspirational city of Cologne! Read more “People of Cologne”

People of Bern

I recently moved to Switzerland and wanted to share with you my impressions of Bern. Last week, after it has been raining and snowing, the sun came finally out. So I decided to go to the city, take my camera with me and ask some random strangers if I can take a picture of them and their style. I have to admit that I had to overcome myself. But it was totally worth it. Here are some of my thoughts on their outfits.

Read more “People of Bern”