I will walk 500 miles // Moving to another country


Do you know that feeling of leaving? It has always two sides. Sadness and excitement. Two strong feelings that couldn't work less together. Sadness because you have to  leave your beloved family, friends and all the things you appreciate.

But for me personally, I like to concentrate on the feeling of excitement. It's a new start, a new beginning, a blank page. And, indeed, a new adventure. You have the chance to explore a new environment, grow, get to know a new culture and people and experience new stuff. You have the extraordinary chance to create a better version of yourself.

One may think, moving at a young age is extremely courageous and risky. It might be risky. But then, what do you really have to lose? Just ask yourself this question.

Well, I think, if it wasn't supposed to stay in your life, it won't stay. I don't want to be harsh or underestimate the risks like the financial aspects or losing friends. But there is always a solution. Find a way to get financial security. Organisation is key. Good friends will last. We're living in the 21st century and social media has given us enough opportunities to keep in touch.

Stop making excuses, if you really want it and find a way. Your happiness is waiting outside of your comfort zone.

And most importantly, there is always a way to follow your dreams. One might have to make compromises along the way, but the benefits are uncountable. Follow your heart and the world is yours.

And so I decided to walk 500 miles ;)


xo, MadVoyage