Sporty geek chic

This look makes me feel flawless, like a real Queen B (see picture here Béyonce). And indeed, my inspiration for this look was the Rococo style / late baroque style, as seen in Marie Antoinette's style,  with it pearls, expensive jewelry, massive hair, a huge amount of make up, like white powder, and pink cheeks. The Rococo era stands for its playful and witty pomposity and luxuriousness. Thus, I added a lot of jewelry to this outfit by using pearls in a statement necklace, earrings and bracelets.  With all its beauty and light- footed attitude, the Rococo era stands also for abundance and "décadence", especially among the aristocrats in the Palace of Versailles. So I brought a little twist into the look by wearing a button down collar with a clear cut and structure in opposition to the playful Rococo style.

In order to make it more my own style, it had to become more sporty and minimalist. So I put a white sweater and some dark blue washed skinny jeans on, while staying in the color scheme of white and blue. To finish it all up I put on my two favorite statement pieces: my nerdy glasses and of course the royal blue sneakers.

And because I love contradictions, I chose an industrial environment for the shooting.

Blouse: ZARA // Sweater: Zebra // Jeans: Primark // Glasses: fielmann // Jewelry: Primark // Shoes: NIKE Free 5.0

xo, MadVoyage

© featured images by PhotoPassion by Minu Ab