Traveling the world I cannot help but notice how many beautiful places there are on earth. That makes it even harder to realize that the world is not in a good condition.

We as humans have definitely so many good qualities and made the world even a more beautiful place to live in. However, in the year 2016 it seems as if we have become parasites and are devouring our host. Pollution levels are high, the oceans are filled with plastic, global temperature and sea levels are rising, the list of endangered species is getting longer and longer. And so is the list of the harm that we are doing to the earth.

You might feel depressed now and want to stop reading this post. You might even think, “Most of it is caused by governments and evil companies! It’s not my fault that they’re destroying our home.” Or you might ask yourself, ”What can I do about it? I’m just one small person.”

Now let me tell you this: As little as you might feel, you are as important as everybody else on this planet. And you can make the difference! I myself feel quite overwhelmed and paralyzed by the flood of bad news concerning the earth. But this can’t stop me from doing something about it. There are ways that our behavior can actually help the environment. And you and I are probably doing it already: Recycling, public transport, second hand stores, DIYs, organic food. There are so many concepts out there from zero waste households to minimalism or eco fashion.

You might feel better now and you should! Because when we as consumers realize that we have the power to decide to buy ecofriendly products or not to buy everything because we don’t really need it, we actually can change the status quo and help the environment.

That’s why, I’d love for you to join me on the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle through this blog. I’m definitely not there yet myself or a know-it-all, but together we can start Plan B and change our behavior, because there is no Planet B.


Photocredit: © MadVoyage