People of Hong Kong: Girls edition

Welcome to Hong Kong! A city that is so dense and full of people that it can get quite overwhelming. But as soon as you get used to it, you really start to enjoy the city. A city that is vibrant and multi-faceted, with lots of fashionable people. I'm happy that I can share with you a girls edition of "People of.." in this week of blogging and empowerment.

I loved how many woman in Hong Kong embrace a feminine style which is at the same time grungy,edgy and strong. I love such empowering styling that mixes contrary styles. It was nice to see all the skirts, dresses and culottes in a way that is feminine but not to girly. I also liked how they layered their looks which made it probably in the end look so effortless and cool. And look at all the velvet that a lot of them are rocking: my absolute favorite textile! <3