Black & White Simplicity

Black and white has always been a fashion basic. So it is really nice to see it in many different pattern, stripes, dots and materials as a spring trend 2014. Why has black&white always been around? For me it is the purest, most sophisticated while simple form to transport and achieve a look that represents you. I truly believe fashion is a way to express yourself.

As there are so many ways to style black and white, there are so many ways to see life. Although it might seem black and white at the first glance, life has more to offer than two sides of the story. But still, with all the opportunities and options life gives us, it is hard sometimes to stay focused. Therefore, I think  "Less is more.".

I chose to style black&white in a minimalist way. Thus, I kept it simple and put a basic white pullover over my black dress. What I love about this look is the simplicity but also its changeableness. I can wear it in its purest form, but yet change it with the accessories or shoes I wear or how I tie the pullover.  For me that is a metaphor for life. I can choose how I want to create my life even with the tiniest opportunities life has given me.

In fact, I like the simplicity to clear my mind. Enjoy nature, the lake and the important things. Gain some new energy and creativity out of the simplicity. Simplicity is the way to success.

xo, MadVoyage

Dress : TOPSHOP // Pullover : Zebra // Shoes : OFFICE // Necklace: BELIEF NYC