Mint your own business

Mint has always been one of my favorite colors. And I'm happy to see it more often nowadays, especially because it is a spring trend 2014. Why I'm so obsessed with mint is, because I always thought it is such an elegant color. It is a nice color to wear, which is not too colorful. The perfect amount of color to brighten up your wardrobe. It suits especially people with a darker complexion. For this look I decided to go for it and wear all mint! But to make it a more sophisticated look, I went for different materials. The pants are made out of cotton and the sweater is made out of mohair. Underneath the sweater I put a white crop top. As accessories I chose a mint and golden necklace. I espacially like the spikes and the symmetrie of the necklace. I also put a mint and pink pastel watch on, I got from a trip to New York City a couple of years ago. It is definetly one of my favorite watches and matched perfectly with the cherry blossoms. Oh and then, my beloved vintage shoes! I got them a long time ago. They are just this piece you have in your wardrobe that tells its own story. They remind me of the 20s and are super multifunctional, but yet they have always their own character and special look.

So for everybody who is not in the mint fever yet, I can highly recommend to "Mint your own business!"

Sweater: ZARA // Pants: H&M // Crop Top : H&M // Necklace : PRIMARK // Watch : Boutique in New York (Sorry, I don't remeber the name.) // Shoes: Vintage

xo, MadVoyage

© featured images by PhotoPassion by Minu Ab