MadVoyage meets Mister Spex

" Cher Mister Spex,
I knew you long time before I was MadVoyage. You helped me to find my inner self and to be brave. I was looking for a special treasure back in 2010. I just graduated from school and was finding myself. I was finally free from old conventions and what I should or shouldn't do.

A way of showing the world that I'm not afraid was through my glasses. I was looking for that specific blue Wayfarer RayBans that weren't so popular at that time and nowhere to be found. I spent hours and hours looking for them. But you my dear, Mister Spex, were right there when I needed you. You were the key to my treasure. You had all the choices I never could imagine existed. My dear, you gave me the right pair of glasses to set me free... And years after, I could never forget you. When I came back to you, you welcomed me with open arms. For that you'll have always a special place in my heart.
Je t'embrasse. Mademoiselle Voyage"

This little love letter is an anecdote of my first experience with Mister Spex. That was my first purchase in 2010 at Mister Spex.

But let me tell you another anecdote: I've worn glasses since I am 13 years old. When my doctor said that I needed glasses I was actually happy about it. I thought it was cool. Even funnier is, I once found kids glasses when I was four years old while playing outside. I was obsessed with them and persisted on wearing them, although I really didn't need glasses. This might explain my weird obsession with glasses. Later on in my teens - to top my weirdness- I had that vision in my head that I needed huge nerd glasses. I was looking for them everywhere in the shops but I couldn't find any. At that time, they weren't really common and really hard to find. After I finished school, I was still looking for some nice pair of nerd glasses and felt confident enough to wear them. And then finally, I found them online at Mister Spex.

Let me explain what Mister Spex is all about. It is a german online retailer of a wide range of glasses. It is super easy to purchase the glasses in three steps. All you need to do is to choose the glasses you want, click the value of your eyeglasses and choose what kind of glasses you want.

Mister Spex convinced me already back in 2010 with their wide range of glasses and the easy purchase process. So this time I thought I team up with them. My ideas always come to me as a vision. So this time I had the vision of a 50s themed photo shooting in my head. I already bought that amazing vintage dress. But one thing I would most definitely consider as my personal style must have are glasses. I am a absolutely fanatic when it comes to glasses. Another thing I am obsessed with is 50s fashion. So the glasses had to have a vintage look. And indeed, I found again the perfect glasses in Mister Spex's supply: The loveyewear. It is a swedish brand with beautiful designs. And yet another love story begins....

I hope I can show you the beauty of glasses through the pictures of this photo shooting.

Dress: hipsisters / Glasses: loveyewear sponsored by Mister Spex// Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Belt: Vintage

xo, MadVoyage

© images by PhotoPassion by Minu Ab

Make up by me (MadVoyage)