My London Adventure

London, oh London, home of many nationalities, exquisite food from all over the world, ultimative street style (check People of London) and lovely architecture. Well, at least this is how I see London. London is so vast and has so many things to offer that I feel like, there is no ultimate guide to London. I feel like literally everybody can find his own niche in London. But at the same time it's changing and evolving so fast so that it seems as if there is no possible way of knowing all of London. But that makes it so fascinating!

In September I've visited for a very brief time London. Because I've been already once in London, it was more about getting into the London vibe and enjoying the food culture and the flea markets than doing sightseeing. My highlights were definitely walking around Notting Hill and enjoying the architecture, being overwhelmed by the variety of food at Camden Market and finding little treasures on flea markets like the Old Spitalfields Market and on Brick Lane.

Enjoy the pictures and click on them to find out more! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!:)

xo, MadVoyage