Fashion Revolution Day #HAULTERNATIVE

Today is Fashion Revolution Day in honour of the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster three years ago. In last week's post Fashion Revolution Week I was telling you all about it and the tremendous impact the fashion industry, and especially fast fashion, has on us and the environment.

Throughout the week I also dedicated my Instagram feed to Fashion Revolution Week and shared with you some facts and figures. I also learned a lot, while going into in-depth research about fast fashion. Especially, one movie shook me deeply: "The True Cost". It's an eye-opening documentary about the fast fashion industry and all the harm its causing to the environment, the garment workers and their health. (Read my thoughts about "The True Cost" here)

It's crazy how we as the consumer support this harmful practice through buying clothes at stores that are not willing to take responsability. But we can be active about it and change our buying behavior. And on Fashion Revolution Day we can show the labels on our clothes and ask the brands #WhoMadeMyClothes. That's why I decided to create for you a HAULTERNATIVE this week. Basically I went through my closet and looked for the oldest clothes that I have and created a look in line with one of my favorite quotes by Vivienne Westwood:

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

H&M top: year 2010 | Levis jeans: 2011 | Veja shoes: 2016 (This is a new piece from a sustainable brand) | Skagen Watch: 2011 | Glasses: 2014

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