Long lost love - From Nyon to Yvoire

This week I was crossing borders and it was all to see my long lost "amour" again... It all started in 2011, when we first met. It was a magical moment. As cliche it may sound, but it was really love at first sight. I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was a moment of truth and enlightenment for me. In that moment I knew, that all I needed to be happy and content was laying right in front of me. And looking back at the year we spent together, I am happy to say that I spent one of my best years with "mon amour".

"Mon amour" is "le lac léman". It is one of the biggest lakes in Switzerland. I was living close to the lakeside when I was studying in Geneva in 2011 and  2012. Thus, I was basically everyday at the lakeside. I was fascinated by its beauty and its vast extent. The majestic setting of the Alps in the background and that clear turquoise water. I spent so much time with "mon amour" just sitting at the shore and enjoying the nature and the calm. That was the time where I learnt to appreciate the beauty and to live in the now. It was a life changing experience to me.

lac léman - view from Nyon

Although I moved back to Switzerland this year, I did not manage to visit "le lac léman" again until this week. Almost two years later and it was like I never left. I went with family to Nyon for a one day trip. Nyon is a beautiful little city in the french part of Switzerland. It is also situated at the shore of "le lac léman". We took a boat to cross the lake and visit a tiny french village called "Yvoire". Yvoire is a pictorial, medieval village. It is hard to describe the beauty of these places or to capture it in pictures. Nevertheless, I tried my best and have some pictures for you.

And yes indeed, the lake is surrounded by many beautiful cities and villages. But the beauty of these places would not be as much if it would not be for "mon amour".

lac léman - view from Yvoire

© MadVoyage

(I took all pictures with my phone)