My top 5 things to do in Budapest

1. On top of Budapest Some people might say, Budapest looks the most beautiful from the top. And yes indeed, the city offers so many viewpoints from where you can enjoy the spectacular view over the city. I went to the Fisherman’s bastion. Despite the amazing building and the glimpse of history you get at the Fisherman’s bastion, you get to see just on the other side of the Danube the majestic parliament. From the chain bridge you get to see an incredible view, too.

2. Experience the food culture

Budapest is the personification of a cosmopolitan, yet chilled, city. The rich history and its influence from East and West are reflected in its food culture. Basically you can buy anything you desire from Hummus to Ramen to Indian or Turkish food. And everything is really good quality and affordable. But yet you should try a traditional Hungarian dish. There are Goulash, sausages, paprika and so on. My favourite dish are Lángos. It’s like a huge salty pancake with sour cream and cheese on it. So delicious. And for everybody who loves cake as much as I do: go check out the beautiful Café New York. The Apple Pie is to die for.

 3. Find your favourite spot

District VII. is the place to be. All the life happens around the street “Király utca”. You’ll find all the bars, restaurants and nightlife there. For each taste you can find something, depending if it should be alternative or more fancy. Budapest will not disappoint you. The cool thing is that there are a lot of old buildings some are more restored than others. Thus, you can find so called “Ruin cafes”, which are less restored but have a lot of art in it and mostly an atrium. My favourite one is the “Szimpla”at “Kazinczy utca 14”.

4. Guided tour through the parliament

Dracula’s home. You found it. At least this was my first thought when I saw the gigantic parliament. This might be due to the gothic architecture. The influence of the renaissance of the interior is even more magnificent. The guided tour is perfect to understand Hungary and its rich culture.

5. Hot springs

Budapest is famous for its hot springs. Especially through the Turkish occupation there are many Turkish baths. You should definitely check out one of Budapest’s famous baths. It is super relaxing.

I will definitely come back for the Sziget festival. So much to see but still a relaxed, chilled city!